Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices

Stemo AB review the gross price list continuously and reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. All prices are excluding VAT.

  1. Payment Terms

30 days net from the invoice date or as agreed upon. Late payment will incur interest according to the Interest Act (1975:635). In case of delayed payment, Stemo AB is entitled to compensation for payment reminders as per the law. Delivered products remain the property of Stemo AB until they are fully paid for. For new customers, a customary credit check will be conducted. After an approved credit check, Stemo AB will send an order confirmation with the delivery date.

  1. Returns

Return of goods must be approved by Stemo AB. If a return of a stock item is approved due to the buyer's cause, a credit will be issued at 80 percent of the item's value. To be eligible for this credit, the item must be in new condition, complete, and packaged in undamaged original packaging. Approved returns must be delivered to Stemo AB within 30 days of approval, but no later than 60 days after the item has been delivered to the customer. For returns caused by incorrect handling by the supplier, the items will be credited at 100%, and Stemo AB covers the cost for the shipping. The condition for return due to mishandling is that the item is in new condition, complete, and in undamaged original packaging.

Note: Returns are not possible for customized materials.

  1. Delivery Terms

Freight will be charged separately and added to the order confirmation. For orders over 5 pallets, the freight is free of charge. Stemo AB will book a forwarder [AJ1] based on the best available option considering volume and geographic location.

  1. Claims and Complaints

For any claims and complaints, please refer to the case handling on the website.

Stemo AB is not liable for damages caused by delivered products to real or personal property that occur when the products are in the buyer's possession, or for damages caused to products manufactured by the buyer or products in which the buyer's products are included, or for damages to real or personal property caused by such products due to products supplied by the supplier. If the supplier is held liable to a third party for such damages or losses referred to in the preceding paragraph, the buyer shall indemnify the supplier to the extent that the supplier is not liable to the buyer under this provision. To invoke the right to claim, the buyer must notify the supplier of the defect within one (1) month after the defect should have been discovered or was discovered.

  1. Warranty

Stemo applies a warranty period of 12 months for our products. Our warranty covers functional and manufacturing defects that arise during the warranty period. It is important to note that the warranty does not cover defects arising from normal wear and tear or after the product's function and appearance have been altered by the user.

  1. Copyright

All content on our websites, texts, product sheets, and images are protected by copyright law (8.7.1961/404). This may not be copied without permission.

  1. Reservations

We reserve the right to adjust prices due to price changes from the supplier, printing errors in the price list, and inaccuracies in prices due to incorrect information.



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